Introducing Ad-Free and a $19.99 Annual Plan
MARCH 7, 2016
We’ve appreciated all of the valuable feedback we’ve received from the Vessel community since our launch a year ago. One of the most popular requests has been for an ad-free experience. In response, we are excited to announce that, starting today, we will be making Vessel ad-free for all paying subscribers. This includes customers who have selected our $2.99 monthly subscription as well as those who opt for our new $19.99 annual subscription, which we are pleased to announce today. For those fans who would prefer to watch their favorite videos on Vessel without a paid subscription, they can continue to do so via our free, ad-supported service.
Vessel’s ambitious mission has been to build a decidedly different—and better—video platform for creators and fans. While we are still very much in the early days, we have attracted subscribers from more than 155 countries to our offering of exclusive, early access videos. We are very grateful to the content creators who are using Vessel to connect with their fans. Creators leveraging Vessel’s paid, early access service continue to earn more than $50 in revenue per thousand views. We have been working hard to add more creators and content to Vessel and now proudly offer more than 300,000 videos from over 250 passionately followed content partners (up over 50% since last summer). In addition to exclusive early access, we are also in the process of experimenting with some full-year exclusives. While a modest test, we’re excited to be partnering in this way with creators already on our service, including Linus Media Group, Brittani Louise Taylor and JeromeASF.
On behalf of the entire Vessel team, thank you for your ongoing support and feedback as we innovate in service of fans and creators alike.
Jason Kilar
CEO & Co-Founder
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